Isabel Francis Bongue is a multidisciplinary artist who began painting murals in 2017, painting in the street with a crew of female friends who encouraged her.   Isabel is heavily influenced by her multicultural upbringing, and her work often deals with themes pertaining to sense of place and finding belonging. She explores these themes by  playing with the human figure, natural surroundings and fantasy. She has exhibited in the US and Colombia and painted internationally.

Isabel has an artistic background in printmaking, which makes its way into her muralism in the use of large-scale stencils, and in set design in construction, which lends her a unique set of problem solving and technical skills.  She is interested in public space as a crucible and a catalyst for people from different backgrounds to interact with each other and create together. She is diligent with research and site analysis portions of her craft and enjoys taking on collaborative community projects as well as solo projects. She is proficient in the use of cad and 3-d modeling software and can offer special design/analysis and digital fabrication services to her clients.
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